Hello from the other side…

I’m Lucinda, just your regular 27 year old bumbling her way through adulthood: navigating the minefield that is Tinder, extra horrible hangovers and working out when it is appropriate to bust out Beyoncé dance moves.

I live in Amsterdam, having swapped my South London life over a year ago for a new Dutch adventure. Victoria line delays were traded for the freedom of flying around an endless network of cycle lanes; Red Routemasters for The Redlight District; The Big Smoke for “Coffeeshop Smokey”; oh and a couple of H&M’s for about 20 H&M’s. (You’re really never that far from an H&M out here).

Since moving out here, I have discovered the delights of being veggie/vegan, and I would go as far to say it has been life changing. After almost a year of documenting my plant-based meals via #Vitaminfest2015 on Instagram, I decided I needed a place to capture some of my thoughts around the subject, as well as to share recipes and recommend a few great eateries serving ‘lekker’ vegan food. As such, this small and humble blog, alloftheveg, was born.

Hope you like.

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